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Periodic Renewal of Driving License

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  • Since July 1st, 2013, the general driving licenses and motorcycle driving licenses that are newly issued or have been issued were exempted from renewal except the provision on the items 2 stated next. All the licenses are valid after the expiration until the holder's 75th birthday. A citizen who is elder than 75 years old has to renew their driving license every 3 years.
  • Professional drivers, foreigners who have not obtain alien residence permit, people from Mainland China, residences in Hong Kong or Macau or nationals with no household registration in the Taiwan area who obtain driving license in our country, and those who are punished permanently prohibited from driving license test apply for re-test and obtain one-year driving license shall maintain the regulation of periodic renewal. They should apply for renewal before expiration. No driving is allowed after the driving license is expired.
Required documents
  • Any of the following identity documents:
    1. National I.D. card
    2. military I.D. card
    3. alien residence permit or another valid automobile driving license (photocopy is acceptable if it is applied for by the applicant in person).
  • The obtained (old) driving license.
  • One one-inch color photo with glossy single-color background, without wearing hat, with clear facial features, bust shot, and was taken within past 2 years. Do not use image synthesis.
Fees: Driving license fee: NT$200 Notes
  • Except the drivers mentioned above who are less than 75 years old and do not need to renew the license periodically, the rest drivers shall apply for license renewal one month before or after the expiration. Drivers who are more than 75 years old shall submit qualified health examination report according to Article 64 of Regulations for Road Traffic Safety as well as the proof for automobile driver cognitive function test specified in Article 52-1 or the proof of no moderate dementia or above.
  • Please pay off any outstanding fine for violations or road safety seminar penalties before applying for license renewal.
  • If the professional driving license is due for the date of reviewing, please deal with the driving license reviewing at the same time.
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