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Discarded or Revocation of Motor Vehicles

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Required document
  • Driving permit (Please reissue if it was lost.)
  • Two vehicle number plates (one for motorcycle)
  • For those who can not present item 1 &2, please bring in vehicle owner’s ID card or photocopy of business registration certificate.
  • Name chop (seal)
Fee Charge Free Notes
  • Traffic violation fines and driving permit tax should be paid off.
  • If one or both of the vehicle number plates are lost, please attach the certificate of the reports to the police for the lost of vehicle number plates.
  • Vehicles which were discarded cannot be reissued.
  • For the vehicle without the certificate of reports to the police due to the reason that vehicle number plates were sold with the invalid vehicle, the vehicle owner should file an affidavit and then apply for discard or revocation of that vehicle.
  • Automobile with broken engine, chassis, electric system or door should be repaired immediately. If it can’t be fixed, owner should apply for discard or revocation of the invalid car.
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