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Ownership Transfer of Motor Vehicles

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Required document
  • Original copy of ID cards or photocopies of business registration certificate of both original and new owners
  • Driving permit
  • Valid compulsory liability insurance certificate of the new owner
  • Name chops (seals) of both original and new owners
  • Original license plate application form
Fee Charge
  • Automobile: NT$ 200
  • Motorcycle: NT$ 150
  • Sinying Office has ownership transfer service only for the regular small car for private use.
  • Traffic violation fines and driving permit tax should be paid off first. (Please bring in the receipts within one month.)
  • For large buses or trucks with function of carrying passengers or cargos for private or business use, please apply for permission in advance.
  • New owner has to prepare ownership certificate of the motor vehicle which are auctioned by court.
  • For ownership transfer due to the death of original vehicle owner, please attach ID card of the heir to the property, related documents of property and certificate of inheritance tax (no need for motorcycles).
  • Car under chattel mortgage or before discard or revocation, the ownership can’t be transferred.
  • Used car over 10 years should have the temporary inspection first within one month of the ownership transfer day.
  • For the individual occupation limitation for application for vans driving permit for private use, please consult the “Table for Individual Occupation Limitation for Application for Vans Driving Permit for Private Use”.
  • All the remolded installation on training or remolded cars should be taken off first before inspection, registration and ownership transfer.
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