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Business Duties Vehicle-Managing Section:
  1. Vehicle Inspection And Management; New Vehicle License Plate; Issue And Registration of The Transfer Or The License Change.
  2. Management, Application, And Receiving And Dispatching of The License Plate, And Management of The Vehicle Data.
  3. The Movable Registration for Security And Trade, And The Compiling Operation for Vehicles And Engineering Heavy-Machines.
Driver's-License Section:
  1. Driver’S Test Management, And Audit, Revocation Or Cancel of The Driver License.
  2. Driver’S Transfer, Alteration, Or Re-Issued License; Driver’S Data Report.
  3. Safety Education And Traffic Security Seminar After The Examination.
  4. Management of Vehicle Driving Training.
Transportation Managing Section:
  1. Various Registrations For Operating Vehicles of The Transportation, Inclusive of The Taxi Run By Individual in The Passenger Transport.
  2. Taxi Passenger Transportation, Taxi Passenger Transport And Service Business, And Taxi Transport Association.
  3. Leasing Business of Small Passenger Car, Freight Transportation of Vehicle Route, Freight Transportation of Vehicles, And Freight Transportation Supervision of The Vehicles And Container Car.
  4. Investigation of Vehicle Freight Transport, Supervision of Passenger Transportation of The Car on Highway, And Supervision of Passenger Transportation of The Tour Bus.
  5. Supervision of Joint Audit, And Issue of Pass of The Hazardous Objects
Planning and Vehicle Penalty Section:
  1. Registration And Control of The Tax-Exempted Vehicles
  2. Mail The Tax Bill To The Vehicle Owner Living In Chiayi City And County.
  3. Accuse The Owner Of Violating The Tax Law on The Tax of License Plate
  4. Print The Bill For Fuel-Using Fee
  5. Mail The Bill of Fuel-Using Fee To The Vehicle Owner
  6. Control of The Special Cars That Exempted From Fuel-Using Fee.
  7. Refunding Operation on The Fuel-Using Fee Overcharged.
  8. Cancel The Bill Sent By Treasury
  9. Accuse The Vehicle Owner of Violating The Provision of Article 75 of The Highway Law.
  10. Produce The Relevant Tax Reports.
Traffic Safety Section:
  1. In Charge of The Private Cars That Violate The Provision of The Traffic Management.
    1. Accept, Deposit, Transfer, Supplement, And Transact The Incident Against Traffic Regulations.
    2. Apply To Mitigate Or Exempt The Penalty, Or Announce The Objective Opinion on Cases.
    3. Apply To Refund The Fine Overpaid Due To Violating Traffic Regulation
    4. Execute The Punishment
    5. Conclude The Case And Reply
  2. Transact The Incident Against Traffic Regulations (Compulsive Duty Insurance of The Private Car)
    1. Use The Computer To Print Out The Notice of Violation of Compulsive Duty Insurance of The Vehicle.
    2. Rule Or Transact The Case Against Traffic Regulations.
    3. Handling of Penalty Exemption Or Minimizing Or Petition Applied
Motor vehicle Information Section:
  1. Join With Police To Make Roadside Auditing
  2. Handling of Business Vehicle And Motorcycle Violations
  3. Handling The Violation of Motor Transportation Administration Regulation
  4. Handling of Violation of Traffic Control
Organization Chart
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