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History & Vision

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Origin Of This Office 1952 to now

This Office Was Founded on Feb. 1, 1952, As Then The Tainan Motor Vehicle Office, Governing The Highway Supervising Operation of The Five Counties And Cities of Yuanlin, Chiayi, And Tainan. Owing to Operational Demands, It Was Successively Establishing The Motor Vehicle Offices of Hsinyin, Yuanlin, Madou, Tongsi, And Tainan City. In The Early Stage, This Office Was Located at No. 61, Hsinron Street, Chiayi City, Which Was No More Than A Small Bungalow Built In Japanese Style. In 1961, This Office Was Removed To No. 89, Baogien Street, Hohu, Chiayi City, A Two-Storey Building. Afterward, on Oct. 1, 2004, Was The Office Removed To Current Address At No. 29, Putzi 7th Street, Chiayi County, Which Has Been A Seven-Storey Modern Building.

Since This Office Being Established, under The New Conception That Advocates of Various Governments Intend To Reform The Administration, This Office Has Comprehensively Set Up The Counter of The “Unified Operating Window” in Compliance With The Operation of National Highway Supervision. In Order To Meet The People’S Conveniences, We Provide Full Service for Them And Benefiting Them. According To The Five Major Objects of “The Intimate of The People”, “Convenience of The People”, “Brevity of The Administration”, “Prevention of The Corrupt Practice”, And “Securities”, Enacted By The Highway Headquarters in 1993, We Were Promoting Seven Measures For “Brevity of The Administration” And “Convenience of The People” To Substantially And Authentically Adopt The Action To Esteem The Public in Services, And Let Them Feel The Warm And Intimate Service.

In Order To Greet The 21st Century, An Era That The Servicing Orientation Is Consistent With The Concept of Enterprising Operation, This Office Shall Be, In The Future, Adequately Utilizing Civil Resource, Enlarging Commitments To Handle Various Supervising Operation, Coordinating The Project of “E-Network Of Supervision” Produced By The Ministry of Transportation And Communications, And Providing Faster And Simpler Services. We Have Created A Quality And Warm Environment For Negotiating Public Affairs, And Used The Active Attitude of “Sincerity” And “Passion” To Serve The People And Demonstrate A New Supervising Image of “Innovation”, “Progression”, And “Expertise”.

Organizational Vision

In An Era To Comprehensively Promote Electronic Process, The Supervising Operation Shall Be Able To Provide with A Comprehensively Just-In-Time Service Anywhere And Anytime, Much More The Service for The Remote Areas Or The Disadvantaged Minority. We Are Using The Network Or Communications To Remind The Public of Transacting Affairs, And Offer The Most Welcome Service---Door-To-Door.

We Have Only One Earth; In Order To Obtain A Sustainable Living Development for Human Being; We Propose The Environmental Protecting Unit To Enact A Control Policy on Motor Vehicle Amount in Accordance With The Domestic Rules And The International Convention---Kyoto Agreement, So As To Reduce Thereby The Exhaust Pollution Fumed by Old Vehicles, Retrieve Actively The Waste Vehicles, Block The Channel To Dispose Stolen Cars, Manage Efficiently The Vehicle Plate, Enhance The Mass Transportation System, And Develop Effectively The Function of Highway And Vehicle Transportation To Make The Traffic Safer And Smoother.

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