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New License Plate and Reissue of License Plate for the Reason of Cancellation. For the reissue of motorcycle license plate for the reason of cancellation, the vehicle has to be inspected before the application can be processed.

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Required document
  • Valid original copy of ID cards, photocopies of business registration certificate, staying permit or valid drivers’ license
  • Two application forms of new license plate (Please stamp the applicant’s name chop.)
  • Sale tax certificate
  • Manufacturer or import certificate
  • Receipt which states engine or car seal number
  • Valid compulsory automobile liability insurance certificate
  • For reissue of license plate after cancellation, besides items 1, 2 and 6, please also attach original license plate registration form, cancellation certificate and suspended license plate form. (for motorcycle only)
Fee Charge
  • Automobile:
    Inspection fee: NT$ 450
    License plate fee: NT$ 800
  • Motorcycle:
    Inspection fee: NT$ 200
    License plate fee: NT$ 450
  • Sinying office only accepts the applications for new license plate for the inspected regular small car for private use in the region of Chiayi area (including Chiayi, Yunlin and Tainan).
  • Pay off the license plate fee and fuel tax fee while applying for the new license plate. (No license plate fee for motorcycle under 150cc.)
  • Please attach the ownership transferring certificate. (Photocopies of IDs or business registration certificates of both transferee and transferor. Stamp both name chops and also attach a NT$ 12 tax stamp.)
  • Applicants under 18 years old, please attach the consent form of legal guardian.
  • Applicants for vans for private use check with the clerk at counter number 8.
  • Sinying Office has no service for automobile inspection.
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