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Instruction for Motorcycle Driving License Test

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Motorcycle (general light motorcycle and general heavy motorcycle)
  • One motorcycle driving license registration form with medical clearance confirmation (it must be examined at public hospitals, public health centers or hospitals appointed by the highway supervision authority, and it will be valid for one year).
  • Three one-inch color photos with glossy single-color background, without wearing hat, with clear facial features, bust shot, and were taken within past 2 years. Do not use image synthesis.
  • Identity documents:At least 18 years old and hold one of the following documents
    1. Nationals: National I.D. card or another valid driving license.
    2. Foreigners, people from Mainland China or nationals without household registration in the Taiwan area must submit proof of staying permit or alien residence permit for more than 6 months.
    3. Residences in Hong Kong or Macau should submit the proof of alien residence permit for more than 6 months or entry/exit permit with a validity more than 6 months.
    4. Diplomats and their dependents: Other than submitting the staff pass, they should also submit the official letter of applying for driving license test issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Drivers with driving license for general small vehicle or above can be exempted from the written exam (please enclose the driving license for verification).
  • Drivers with driving license of general small vehicle or above will not need to carry out health examination if they register motorcycle road test within one year.
  • Fees:
    1. General light motorcycle: NT$250 (including written exam and road test).
    2. general heavy motorcycle: NT$250 (including written exam and road test).
    3. NT$125 for road test only.
    4. NT$125 for re-test within one year after failure.
    5. NT$200 for collecting driving license.
    6. The fuel used for road test will be charged additionally. (The fee will be waived if the applicant uses their own vehicle).
  • Exam subjects: written exam (traffic regulations) and road test.
Notes: Please do not register for the driving license test if any of the following situations applies
  • The applicant is younger than 18 years old.
  • The interval between the re-test and last test is less than 7 days.
  • Failure of passing health examination.
  • The specified period of re-test for driving license is not due for the issued light and heavy motorcycle driving license (including the suspension penalty in progress) or the suspended or revoked penalty on the motorcycle driving license.
  • For those whose driving licenses are revoked according to law and are not allowed to re-test again. Drivers who are permanently prohibited from applying driver licenses and taking the test can apply for driving license exam and test to the highway supervision authority according to Article 67-1 of Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act.
  • Driving license test can be carried out again after paying off the overdue fines from the traffic violations. If applying for installments of fines, the highway supervision authority shall remark the registration of vehicle driving license test after paying the 1st installment of fines.
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