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Taxes and Fees section

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  • Handling vehicle transfer should pay up all unpaid taxes, fines plus 200 NTD for driving permit fee. If the motor license is invalidated while transferring motorcycle, a two-year renewing fee and other fines should be all paid up; if the motor license is still in the valid period, you only have to pay 150 NTD for motor license.
  • The Motor Vehicle Office will automatically send you the tax refund notice if you already done your scrapped procedure, cancellation, theft cancellation, no transferring cancellation, or vehicle fuel overpaid, each Station will send the fuel tax refund letter, and the car owner does not have to apply. License tax should be separately handled in the Tax Administration of the jurisdiction.
  • According to Article 75 of Highway Law, if the owner of the vehicle doesn’t pay up fuel tax in time, and still not pay after being notified overdue, will be punished with fine of more than 300 NTD but less than 3000 NTD, and meanwhile be suspended to handle vehicle alteration or inspection.
  • According to “Article 27 of Highway Law,” fuel tax is collected for road maintenance, building and security management, and is distributed for the use of urban road maintenance based on urban road regulations.
  • First, you can ask for the notice by phone during the levying period, and we will send it to you again. Second, you can use telephone account transfer system to pay the fuel tax; the telephone number is 4121111-169#. Third, you can use our website to pay your fuel tax. During the climax time of the levying period, we will also open plus window to help people handling the payment procedure.
  • If the owner of the vehicle is a handicapped person, the driving permit , driver’s license and Handicapped Handbook shall be examined; if the handicapped person is not able to have the driver’s license, driving permit , Handicapped Handbook and the Certificate of Household Registry which is able to prove the relationship between the owner and the handicapped person shall be examined; the applicant should prepare the certificates mentioned above to apply for tax exemption in the Tax Administration of the jurisdiction.
  • Please take the recycling certificate, ID card of the vehicle owner, driving permit to pay up all the fines and taxes up to the day before the environmental protection discarding day, thus the changing of environmental protection discarding into scrapped procedure is completed.
  • Please carry your driving permit, compulsory insurance card, required fees and pay up all fines and taxes while renewing driving permit. Motorcycles under 50cc will be charged 750 NTD, 51cc to 125cc for 1050 NTD, 126cc to 150cc for 1350 NTD every two years. Vehicle registration renewal will be charged with 200 NTD.
  • Please clear all unpaid taxes and fines up to the day before cancellation, turn back your driving permit , and re-examine vehicle after handling cancellation (450 NTD for small vehicle, 600 NTD for large vehicle inspection), and tax and other fee should be paid from recollecting day to the end of the year, and also number plate fee 600 NTD, driving permit 200 NTD.
  • You should report to the police first, and then take the reporting certificate and your ID card, driving permit to pay up all your vehicle license tax and fuel up to the day before the stolen date, thus the cancellation procedure is completed.
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